I teach Ruby at The Iron Yard in DC.

In my spare time, I hack on my topology database, contribute to the Peace Corps, play the drums, and talk about stuff like:

Composition @ RubyConf 2016

On functional and object composition and how they aren’t so different as you might think. From the abstract:

Our work as programmers consists largely of problem decomposition and solution recomposition. This talk is interested in how we cobble small units together into cohesive solutions. We’ll examine and compare both object and functional composition, using a Haskell-inspired, functional style of Ruby. Along the way, we’ll see how good functional principles can improve our object-oriented design, and vice versa.

Processes and Threads @ RailsConf 2015

A gentle introduction to processes and threads in Ruby, through the lens of Resque and Sidekiq. But really it’s about reading code.

Webdev in Haskell @ Polyglot DC

This talk was not recorded, unfortunately, but slides and a demo project are available.

Graphs: a Drunkard’s Walk

An intermediate Ruby Group talk on graphs and graph databases. Accompanied by this Rails project, but note that shortly after this talk, a neo4j 3.0 was released and is probably the preferred tool to use moving forward.

Search: Postgres and Elastic

A fireside chat with Kylie Stradley on the use and relative merits of Postgres and ElasticSearch for full-text searching.

Using Background Workers

An Intermediate Ruby Group talk on background workers, with accompanying blog in two parts and source code (later updated for Rails 4.2 and a talk at DCRUG).

Categories for the Working Programmer

They say every functional programmer has to write a monad tutorial. I am no exception. This is a talk from the Atlanta Ruby Group where I try to sell a room full of Rubyists on category theory.

I have source code and slides from this talk, along with Clojure source code for a similar talk that I gave at the Atlanta Clojure meetup.

An Intro to FFI

Video not available

A brief introduction to Ruby’s ffi gem, with an example project using it to wrap the igraph library.


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